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  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Step 1: Click on your profile dropdown menu and select My Subscriptions Step 2: You can now cancel your subscriptions here using the dropdown
  • Can a novice enter a pro class?
    Yes. Novices may enter a pro class. However, please note that a Pro weight class requires 3 established Pros to run. Getting a top 3 place in a Pro competition has to be earned. If only one or two established Pros are in the competition & the novice gains third, that score isn't reflective of the standard. If it gets recorded for promotion purposes the puller will exit the novice class earlier than their ability allows & this does not benefit anyone. Pulling against better pullers provides experience & aids progression, promotion means the experience of the novice competition is lost.
  • What happens if only 2 Pros attend a tournament?
    They may be (but not guaranteed to be be) offered to pull each other in a supermatch, otherwise the class will be combined with the weight above.
  • Can I weigh in at home on my own scales on the morning of a competition & send in the photo of my weight?
    No. There is often an opportunity to weigh in the night before an event on the official scales. Otherwise weigh ins on the day will be required.
  • I don't know any other armwrestlers in my area but want to join a club/participate in competitions.
    Check our Affiliated clubs page to see if there is a club near you. Most (but not all) armwrestling clubs use facebook so that can be a useful place to find out where people are. The Armbets app is also a good way to meet others interested in Armwrestling. Those wanting to enter their first competition need to have some basic understanding of safe pulling techniques & to have developed some specific conditioning beforehand. A club provides this structure.
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