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  1. Pullers get 30 seconds to get a grip.

  2. If no grip is taken the pullers will be held at the wrist, asked to close their thumbs then fingers and give the call ready go.

  3. Wrists must be straight and thumb knuckle must be visible.

  4. A slip in any position will go to a strap.

  5. Three fouls system will be in force this includes moving in a set grip by way of covering knuckles or bending of the wrist before the call of ready go. Also coming of the front side or back of the pad and lifting the elbow of the pad.

  6. Any part of the wrist hand or fingers touching the pad or level with the pad is a pin and win.

  7. There are no dangerous positions.

  8. Kings move shoulder below parallel with table in neutral to loosing position.

  9. kings moves must be level or above the table

  10. If the infraction is not corrected in a reasonable amount of time fouls will continue to accrue till 3 foul limit is reached It's a running foul with no warning just like all the other fouls.

  11. Nine-inch pads will be used 1 inch at the front and 1 in on the back.

  12. The referees decision is final. It cannot and will not be challenged or changed.

  13. There are no warnings.

  14. There will be exactly 1 minute in between rounds.

  15. Running fouls are being used. If one puller makes what is deemed by the referee as a foul with no position gained they will be issued a running foul. If the same puller repeats this 3 times it’s a loss. But if a puller commits a foul and the other puller makes a foul then the match is live and the fouls are wiped out for both pullers. If a puller is on a running foul then he must win that match to get a restart.

  16. A maximum of two timeouts can be used by the pullers or the pullers corner team at any point in the match apart from active play meaning during combat. A timeout lasts 30 seconds where a puller is able to return to their corner or Team is allowed to approach the table.

  17. A timeout must be signalled by making a T with the hands to the referees, No verbal timeouts will be accepted.

  18. Each match will be best if 5 pins, Except championship matches which will be best of 7.

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